Prepare the heading of the act:
- the following information about the organization (full name, INN, OGRN, location address, contact telephone and other information, if necessary);
- stamped date and reference number of the document;
below these data, the center write "act on the implementation of the results of dissertation research".
Make the content of the act:
- specify data on the person that suggested its development;
- write down the name of diploma, master's or dissertation work, which was carried out the study;
- enumerated the main positive effects of the introduction of the author's development (increased productivity, minimized costs, etc.);
- added information about the documents that can certify that the proposed graduate student (dissertation) development were directly applied in the organization in the resolution of certain problems (such documents, there may be instructions, orders, signing commissions, etc.).
Signed the act of the head of the organization (or other upolnomochennogo in accordance with the constituent documents of the organization entity), and stamped on the seal of the company.