If the operating system is working correctly, right-click on the icon "My computer" and select the bottom command – Properties. In the "properties Window", go to the tab "Hardware" and click "device Manager". From the list of devices select "Network adapters" and click on the square with the plus sign to the left of it. Will reveal the list of network devices the names of the models installed in your system unit.
Method for the curious and for those who survived the reinstallation of Windows and found the driver for the network adapter to see with your own eyes. Disconnect the computer from the power and Unscrew the fastening screws on the rear panel. Remove the side cover. If system unit is set to external network card and Unscrew the screw that it is attached to the housing and remove it from the slot. Network adapter type is written on the front.
If the network adapter integrated into the motherboard, find the name and copy. Go to the manufacturers website and read the specifications "motherboard" – among other will be called the type of network adapter.
If for some reason you to determine the model of the adapter has failed, use the Windows tools. Right click on the icon "My computer" and from the context menu choose the option "Manage". In the left part of the window, click on "device Manager". To the right appears a list of installed in the system unit devices. Yellow question mark marked in those in which the driver is not installed. Click the right mouse button on item Ethernet controller in the context menu select "Properties". Go to the tab "Information". Expand the dropdown list and find "device instance ID". In the code window below appears. Copy it.
Go to the website and in the Search box vendors enter the first 4 digits of the code. For example, device instance ID: PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3106&SUBSYS_14051186&REV_8B\4&2966AB86&0&30A4

The first four digits – 1106 - enter in the appropriate field. The search will give the name of the manufacturer
Click on the name of the company. In the new window, enter in the Search field devices the following four figures – 3106. The program reports the type and model of network adapter.