You will need
  • Computer, network adapter, medium curly non-magnetic screwdriver, installation software CD for the adapter.
If you set the network adapter to format the PCMCIA in the laptop, you must disable it. Wait until the computer shuts down. Then, remove the cover of the PCMCIA slot and install it in the adapter. Turn on the computer and wait for loading the operating system. Insert the drive installation disk. Computer self-install the necessary software. If not, run the setup wizard from the installation disk.
When installed in a system unit network adapter of formats PCI and PCI-E shut down the computer, disconnect the power cord from the power supply and remove the left cover of the system unit. Locate an available slot and remove the plug in the casing in front of him.
Install the network adapter into the slot and fasten it with screw to the computer case. Close the computer case and reconnect the power cord. After that install the software in the same way as it was described in the previous paragraph.