Such images or collages with a selection of clothes and accessories called sets. They are mostly used on the websites about fashion or fashion blogs. Talking about some new trends that the author, not to be unfounded, attach to your post Seth and the whole theory about the new trend becomes much clearer and more understandable. However, users creating sets had in mind that now there are sites where you can just put your set in the General criticism.
To create your set, visit the special website. Create mini images, please (this is the largest site of such), Select the one that you prefer.
Go to the website, click on the "Create set". You enter the virtual workshop. Here you can select the background for your set, pick up clothes, accessories, shoes and some accessories that are suitable to the overall style of the set.
To start, consider what style you want to work. Keep in mind – from a variety of items you just zapestrit in the eyes, you will want to try all the options. But better stick to original ideas, otherwise you will be just a set of things that are not suitable to each other.
In the menu look for the garments. Pants, skirts, outerwear, blouses, tops... most Often it is English menus, and if you are not strong, use the online translator. Also on some sites to search, type and color (approximate) you are looking for will things. You can select the price range, but if you are not going to purchase this set, to limit yourself is not worth it.
The sets suggest a few clothing options. And if, for example, with some pants, you can see some options of blouses, feel free to add them all. But keep in mind the proportions – the size of the things you set up for yourself. But in smaller details about proportions, on the contrary, you should forget. After all, earrings or rings in full size, just no one's gonna see.