You will need
  • -Bush scarlet,
  • -rubbing alcohol,
  • -grinder
  • -the knife.
Cut or break off desired amount of aloe leaves from the stalk. Remember, to make juice you need to use more Mature leaves, the tips of which are a little withered, and the length not less than 15 centimeters. Young shoots and lighter will not work. So pay attention to the base or middle of the trunk of the Bush.
You can squeeze the juice from the aloe leaf bare hands, but in this case you will have to throw and peel, and most of the flesh. There is irrational use of drugs. It is better to resort to grinding in a meat grinder whole sheet as a whole. This waste-free option: the pulp and solid part of al is used.
It is better to use each time fresh juice of aloe, but if you don't have much time harvesting to preserve. To do this, mix 8 parts milled leaves of scarlet with 2 parts rubbing alcohol. Store the mixture should be at a temperature not exceeding 15 degrees Celsius.