Traditionally, the pulp of the aloe plant used for internal use of honey tinctures or greatly diluted with water juice.

However, in several European countries, aloe Vera is used for preparing soft ice-cream, refreshing Supplement for fruit desserts, fortified cream.

Internal use of aloe has a number of contraindications, these include acute inflammation, internal bleeding, pregnancy, kidney disease, gall bladder and cardiovascular system.

The feasibility and dosage of the use of aloe inside must be agreed with the doctor.

To the healing properties of this plant are most evident, it is important to observe a few simple rules of preparation of aloe to use: cut only the lower, most succulent leaves.

After cutting the leaves are wrapped in cloth for a few days and clean the refrigerator. The juice extracted from the pulp of the leaves, carefully separating it with a sharp knife from the skin.

Tonic with aloe juice

To raise the tone, strengthen the body after prolonged illness or serious physical exertion, preparing the drink with the addition of fresh aloe juice.

For this the leaves are cut into small lateral plates, manually through 2 layers of cheesecloth or using a juicer squeeze the juice.

On a fine grater RUB the peel of one lemon, using a mortar and pestle pulverized kernel 7-8 walnuts and mix these ingredients with aloe juice.

To neutralize the bitter taste of the drink can be sweetened with 1-2 teaspoons of natural honey. Take a mixture of 3 tbsp. daily, morning and evening, not more than 14 days.

Aloe juice has a mild laxative effect, which manifests itself in 8-10 hours after ingestion, therefore, can be used for additional regulation of intestinal activity and purification of the body.

сок алоэ

Sandwich paste with aloe juice

As the basis of pasta use 1 Cup natural (preferably dark) honey, adding 0.5 cups of fresh aloe juice and 1 Cup warmed ghee.

The mixture was thoroughly stirred to obtain a homogeneous mass, add finely chopped hazelnuts 2-3 tbsp of cocoa powder.

The resulting paste is removed in a cool place, allow to steep for 2-3 days, then use for sandwiches, supplements to the cream cheese, sour cream.

алоэ и мед

Vitamin salad with aloe pulp

For the salad you will need 2 grated fresh carrots, 1 diced Apple and pulp of 5-6 leaves tree aloe.

Chop the leaves and separate the flesh from the skin of the best right over a bowl of carrots and apples – thus not lost a single drop of juice of medicinal plants.

The pulp of aloe Vera mixed with Apple and carrot, sprinkle with crushed walnuts and pour dressing consisting of honey mixed with lemon juice.

In summer, salad add a few fresh leaves of plantain and nettle.

мякоть алоэ

Smoothie with aloe

Aloe Vera goes well with mango juice, citrus, or avocado pulp.

Drink crushed by blender 1-2 orange a few aloe leaves and add ice and any liquid base: water, fruit juice, almond milk, etc.

Smoothie with avocado in often the blender mix banana, mashed half an avocado, a Cup of chopped spinach and a few leaves of aloe. To the resulting puree add a Cup of coconut milk and 1.5 tbsp of lemon juice.