Advice 1: How to preserve aloe Vera juice

Juice aloe Vera has healing properties, so it has found application in cosmetology and medicine. Masks based on it are used for skin care, tinctures are good for gastrointestinal and other diseases. You can prepare fresh juice before each treatment, and you can stock up on them for a long time.
How to preserve aloe Vera juice
You will need
  • - aloe juice;
  • - gauze;
  • - rubbing alcohol.
The juice of aloe could buy at the pharmacy, but it is better to cook it yourself. In this way you will be sure in the genuineness and utility of the product. For juicing it is better to use a middle-aged plant (3-4 years). Cut a few fleshy lower leaves, wash them with lukewarm water, cut into small Crescent-shaped pieces and wrap in gauze. Press the juice and pour it into a clean dry container. At room temperature it can be stored no longer than an hour, in the refrigerator for two days.
If you need to store the juice of the aloe a long time, can it. The easiest way is to mix it with rubbing alcohol in the ratio of 4:1. At room temperature, the juice will last about a week and in the refrigerator — at least a month.
You can preserve the juice of aloe . Depressing, pour it into an enamel mug and boil. Turn off the gas after 7-10 minutes. Chill the juice and mix it with alcohol in the same proportions as in the above recipe. Pour it with a sterilized container and put it in a cool place. The juice is ready to drink after a couple of days. At room temperature it will be kept for one month and in the refrigerator for three times longer.
If you decide to give preference to ready pharmacy the juice of the aloe, store it away from sources of light and heat. The optimal place is in the refrigerator door.
The method of processing juice does not affect its effectiveness, so you can choose any recipe. But to the storage container of the product must meet certain requirements. It should be of dark glass with a tight-fitting lid. Aloe Vera juice loses its properties when exposed to light, so improperly stored juice can be useless and even harmful.

Advice 2 : How to prepare aloe Vera juice

If you have al, not to use his healing power, to put it mildly, is not reasonable! Aloe juice treated many diseases, and make it simple.
How to prepare aloe Vera juice
You will need
  • -Bush scarlet,
  • -rubbing alcohol,
  • -grinder
  • -the knife.
Cut or break off desired amount of aloe leaves from the stalk. Remember, to make juice you need to use more Mature leaves, the tips of which are a little withered, and the length not less than 15 centimeters. Young shoots and lighter will not work. So pay attention to the base or middle of the trunk of the Bush.
You can squeeze the juice from the aloe leaf bare hands, but in this case you will have to throw and peel, and most of the flesh. There is irrational use of drugs. It is better to resort to grinding in a meat grinder whole sheet as a whole. This waste-free option: the pulp and solid part of al is used.
It is better to use each time fresh juice of aloe, but if you don't have much time harvesting to preserve. To do this, mix 8 parts milled leaves of scarlet with 2 parts rubbing alcohol. Store the mixture should be at a temperature not exceeding 15 degrees Celsius.
After you have collected the leaves, don't keep them outdoors for more than three hours, they need to immediately put in the recycling. Otherwise, a large share of medicinal power will evaporate.

Remember also that al can not be use for people who are prone to tumors. The fact that this plant serves as an excellent biological stimulant that stimulates the growth not only healthy, but also modified the human cells.
Useful advice
Use aloe Vera juice in face masks and they will soften, nourish and disinfect your skin.

Apply the juice of aloe for burns, suppurations, cuts and wounds. On wounding the skin with an absorbent pellet juice and allow it to soak. Do not RUB the spot and do not cover with a bandage the next 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a day.

Ulcers in the stomach can be taken on an empty stomach half an hour before meals approximately 5 centimeters of the al sheet, carefully chewing it.

Advice 3 : How to store aloe Vera juice

Aloe tree is an evergreen plant used for medicinal purposes. Aloe Vera juice is produced by the pharmaceutical industry in bottles of dark glass with the addition of alcohol. At home you can also cook the juice long enough to store it.
How to store aloe Vera juice
You will need
  • - alcohol;
  • - sugar;
  • - med;
  • - sterile bottle made of dark glass;
  • - sterile jars made of dark glass;
  • - tube and cover;
  • - a plastic bag.
If you buy aloe in a drugstore, store it in a cool dark place. After use tightly close the bottle to minimize the access of air, which breaks down the medicinal properties. The juice has strong anti-inflammatory action, suppresses the growth of fungi and microorganisms, is applied when introducing skin diseases, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract mucous membranes.
To prepare the juice you can at home. The most valuable juice is obtained after aging the cut aloe Vera in the refrigerator for 10-12 days. To make it, cut the leaves with a sharp knife, put into a plastic bag, tie tightly, put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. After the specified time, remove the package, rinse the leaves, dry on a towel, squeeze the juice. Take it fresh.
For long term storage, mix the juice with rubbing alcohol in equal parts, pour into a sterile bottle made of dark glass, tightly close the lid. Store in the refrigerator or in a cool dark place with a temperature not higher than 3-4 degrees. This storage method allows you to juice for a long time without losing their medicinal properties.
Intolerance to alcohol, squeeze the juice, dilute it in half with honey or sugar. Pour the juice into sterile jars made of dark glass, tightly close the lids. Store in the refrigerator or in a cool dark place. The shelf life of the juice with proper preparation is not less than 1 year.
Freshly squeezed juice with no added alcohol, sugar or honey and keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Free of preservatives, the juice quickly loses its main healing qualities and becomes unusable.
The use of aloe Vera in any form is contraindicated for people suffering from cancer or a hereditary predisposition to tumors of any kind, as the juice has bio-stimulating effects and could trigger the emergence or growth of malignant tumors.
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