You will need
  • Registration for already established hosting;
  • - funds for initial hosting payment.
Select a host on which you will create a domain and your hosting. If you plan to work professionally with their websites never use free hosting and domain. Providers free hosting provide minimal technical support and use sites to accommodate them in their advertising.
Read reviews on selected hosting, please note that they are not always objective. Familiarize yourself with the sites hosted on it. See if there are hosting convenient control panel, preinstalled applications, on-line support are mandatory backup, what limit, and whether the ability to create subdomains that will be required for your hosting.
Partner with already established hosting company, using a portion of its servers. This is the easiest and inexpensive way to create your hosting compared to dedicated server and virtual hosting. However, it has significant drawbacks, the main of which – complete lack of control over the server and inability to install needed software.
Register the name of your hosting. Its quality can use part of his name or surname or part of the brand of your organization. Select the control panel. Consider of data backup clients. Develop tariff plans. To facilitate the collection of money install billing system.