You will need
  • - ready site;
  • account in Webmoney;
  • - invented the domain name.
As an example, you can use the service to Get a Domain RU. Using a web browser, load the page Read the list of offered services, their cost, and choose the option that matches your requirements. Click on the link to the registration page. Carefully fill in the form fields.
In the box where prompted to enter email address, enter a real address, and check carefully dialed, this address will be sent an email containing a username and password. When this data is received, return to the website and log in to log in to the control panel.
Fund your account by transferring funds from your account in the Webmoney system.
In control panel navigate to the order page services. Fill in the required fields. The name of the domain will be the web address of the site, you must enter in advance made-up name. If you do not want to make available information about the owner of the domain, do not check the option to display personal data on the whois team.
Proceed to the direct connection of the domain to the server. For example, it will be Spaceweb hosting provider. Go to provided to you by your hosting provider account. Look in control panel, domain namemi a link to order/transfer a domain. Make an already registered domain name, select a folder for later host the website files. Select the check box next to the words "Transfer" and confirm your consent by pressing the button of the order.