What you need to know to create your hosting?

First, you need to understand the essence of this service. Hosting combines high-quality hardware and software on the one hand and the provision of maintenance services with the other. Many experts say that service is the most important part of hosting, finding a company with quality equipment and not a problem.

Secondly, you need to understand that hosting is like any business, requires initially substantial Finance costs that will pay off immediately. Therefore, before you create your hosting, you need to make an estimate of the costs and to allocate from its own budget (or obtain from another source) the required amount.

Third, you need to understand the hardware and software and/or find people who will work as technical support for customers. It should be understood that the calls, messages and emails will always come, and they will need to respond quickly and as quickly to solve problems. The number of staff members involved will be closely dependent on the size of the hosting.

Ways to create your hosting

There are three main ways to create your hosting.

  1. The first is to become a reseller, this method is the cheapest. A reseller is a person who has acquired the server part of the famous hosting company and engaged in the sale of seats on the server and also responsible for technical support. However, since the server is not belongs to reseller, support will not be hindered by several obstacles (e.g., inability to exercise effective control of the server, reboot it, etc.)

  2. The second way is to rent a server from a hosting company. It will be much more expensive, however, this method has a number of advantages, which is not resellerclub. In particular, the ability to put their software on the server, the possibility of control, and as a result more operational support.

  3. The third way is an independent buying a server and placing it in a data center under a lease space. The advantages of this method – more than cheap rent. The disadvantage is the need to buy a server that is quite expensive.

The stages of your hosting

  • Budgeting of the project and fundraising.

  • The service plans for site owners.

  • Determine how to create hosting (resellerclub, renting server space in a data center).

  • Develop marketing strategies to promote their services online and finding customers.

  • Creating hosting and registration.

  • Recruitment