Go to "device Manager" by right clicking on the desktop icon "My computer" and selecting the menu item of the same name. If a menu has no such item, click on the words "Manage" and find the line "device Manager" in the left part of the window "Control".
Find the item on devices labeled IDE ATA/ATAPI. Click with the left mouse button on the little triangle (or plus sign), opening the contents of the item. Manager will display a list of channels. Select one of the lines indicating the connection of the optical drive. Most often this channel is called the "Secondary IDE channel". Click on this line, right-click and select "Properties". Then go to the tab "advanced settings" in the opened window and check the list of drive. If the list is empty, try opening the properties for the other channel.
Select "PIO Only" and agree with the changes, click on the "OK" button. Try to copy the data from disk again. If changes are not benefited, and the error persists, try to use the settings of another channel. Carefully follow the changes made to the computer. Carelessness can lead to serious malfunction of the computer.
Also, don't forget to restart the computer after changing any settings, as the system updates all settings after restarting the personal computer. Despite the fact that this problem is prevalent worldwide, it is solved in several steps. If you fail to eliminate such problems on your computer, contact a specialized center for help, but it will need to pay.