Recently, the camera on the laptop is used very often. It is very convenient, since it eliminates the need to buy a standalone webcam. Before checking, you must enable the web camera on the laptop and check if all the drivers for normal operation of the camera. If not, find the setup disk for laptop and find the driver for the camera, then install them. To test the camera on a newly purchased laptop, click "start," then "control Panel" and "Scanners and cameras". Visiteuses click on the icon of your camera and you will see on the screen yourself in person. To check the quality of the video, move your hand or head.
Also check whether the webcam on the laptop using special software. For example, popular in the network program Virtual Dub will allow you not only to test the webcam, but to use it in the future to record videos or capture images. If this option does not suit you, check the camera with Skype, which is intended for the virtual communication. In it you will find all necessary options, using which you can check the quality of images and video taken with your webcam.
Before using read the manual. Thus, you will be able to avoid the wrong actions that can lead to breakage of the web camera. As it is integrated, then the service center will have to bear the entire laptop and you will be without Internet access for quite a long time. In the presence of a talent using a web camera to make short films or music videos. For many people it is an essential attribute of everyday life. It can help how to make business contracts and to communicate with friends and relatives.