You will need
  • Switch those passport crimping device for cable and lugs.
Switches do not just memorize all the current ' workstations and devices and perform traffic filtering for a given purpose. At the right moment they open the port and carry out the shipment assigned to the package recipients.
Setup switch must be in the following order:

- connect the switch to the power supply, and that, in turn, to the power supply via the socket;

- take a network cable and connect the switch with the network card of your computer:

be careful – on the wires of the twisted pair must be nibs with intricate contacts according to instructions in the passport of the switch;
- configure the network card:

to do this, choose the mouse button "start" and then the tab "control Panel" which you should click on "network connections" and show the network map, right-click (if you only have one network card, it still need to allocate and confirm by pressing "OK");
- under "local area Connection" must be activated under "Properties", then scroll down to the end of the list, where there is the string "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click "Properties".

- specify the address and subnet mask:

in the General tab, enter the IP address and subnet mask, and confirm the correctness of the records;
- check operation of the switch:

through the service ping command, enter the network address of your computer on the network and set the reference data packet ping –t in endless mode (if you want to abort, hit Ctrl+C the program will report the data loss during transmission).
Switch setting will help you to save time on sending data packets and to fully automate the process. In network connections you can go through the activation on the network icon at the bottom of the screen where select the button "Properties" and click it with the left mouse button.