You will need
  • network cable
  • access to a network 220V
Switch is a device used to combine multiple computers or laptops in a single LAN. Distinguish swicth with configurable and non-configurable ports. If there is no need to configure specific ports of the switchand it is recommended to use the second type because they were easier to work with.
Select a place which will be your switch. It should be done, guided by simple logic: the closer it is to all computers in the local network of the future, the less you'll need meters of network cable. Note the presence of sockets in proximity to the switch.
Connect each computer of the future local area network to switchfrom using network cables RJ 45 format. If all the ports in switche are equal, you can connect to any free. If switche ports are configurable, then it is better to connect those computers from which you want to manage the switchom and the network as a whole.
How to connect <strong>switch</strong>
Connect the power to the switch. Note that this should be done in the place where there is the least probability of a power outage. This is especially true of a managed switchwith her because by disabling this switch, you risk not only be left without a local network, but to lose all its settings.