You will need
  • - ramekins,
  • - plates,
  • - swipe.
Julien is different from other dishes that when served it is not laid out on plates from the total of the pot, and bring in a special cocotte. The clay pot is a small container that cater exclusively to one portion, made of refractory material and having a long handle, like a frying pan. The most common conventional metal ramekins, but ceramic, and glass. The volume may be different, but in any case, it is designed for one serving, approximately 100 grams. Form of ramekins can also be different — deeper, like a bucket, or a small, reminiscent of the pan. Most importantly — separate utensils for each consumer.
In cocotte Julien is cooked in it and served at the table.
Before feeding Julien, prepare a small flat plates. If ramekins are very small, as well to the saucer. On a plate place the unfolded napkin. Try to pick up the cloth so that when open it was not much larger than the diameter of the plate. In an extreme case, fold the napkin four times. Ideally, the napkin should be carved, decorative. It is not used for wiping hands, but in order to put very hot pans.
Julien carries guests hot. On a plate near the grill put a little spoon. Julien eat with a spoon, the other hand holding a pen ramekins. So no one got burned, you're supposed to wrap the handle in one wipe.
If you don't have ramekins, it is possible to submit Julien in any small portioned containers. You can put it even tartaletka. There are recipes of Julianow directly in rolls or baskets. A rule serving one — Julien needs to be hot.
Portions should be small. Garnish to Julien's do not offer. It's not a separate dish, and snack that is served before the main meal to work up an appetite.