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Usually mold on the walls just washed antifungals, which are represented in a wide range of DIY stores. In addition to specialized antifungal agents are also used folk methods of dealing with mold – fungus removal of chlorine-containing disinfectants. For example, a means for bleaching of linen "White." The effect of washing walls as antifungal agents, and chlorine solutions short. Because they do not penetrate into walls and kill mold completely.
To get rid of mold on the walls once and for all, first deal with the reasons for its occurrence. Usually mold appears in areas with high humidity and poor ventilation. Therefore, the most common to see mold in the bathroom or in the basement. The walls of rooms with high humidity need to be treated with special antifungal agents in the process of finishing. Antifungal agent it should be added directly to the solution.
If antifungal treatment at the stage of finishing of the walls was not made, then try to get rid of mold on walls in the following way:
. clean moldy place, you will need to remove the entire affected area until the finish of the brick or plate;
b. treat the cleared area antifungal agent, an antiseptic then apply a primer, waterproofing mortar, new, plaster, and putty.
To mold on the walls not reappeared, you have to solve problems with high humidity and poor ventilation.
It is best to regulate the humidity in the room contributes to a regular flow of fresh air. So often ventilate the room, especially if it has plastic window.
We shouldn't keep the furniture dark and damp corners. And generally try not to put furniture against the walls – leave a small gap for air circulation.
If the source of dampness in the room is a large number of plants, it makes sense to reduce their number.