Mold or moldy fungus is a colony of living organisms that affect your home. Mold spores are present everywhere – in water, air, on the surfaces of walls and within them. Once the spores get into conducive to their growth environment, mold begins to affect the surrounding space, regardless of its structure and composition. Mold can destroy both wood and concrete, to get rid of the unbidden guest was not so simple.
To successfully combat the mold you need to establish and eliminate the cause of its occurrence. As you know, moldy fungi feel at ease in a wet environment. Old durannie window even after the most careful incorporation still passed through the air, which ensures continuous ventilation. Modern Windows are absolutely tight, but in a residential apartment her owners always produces a large amount of moisture. People, animals, plants continuously produce water vapor is distributed in the air. Not finding out, steam settles on walls, thus creating favorable for mold environment. Therefore, the normal ventilation of the room several times a day will be the best means of preventing the formation of mold.
The repair will have to remove a very large segment of the wall
If the fungus has already hit your wall, fighting him to begin immediately. Mark the affected area, remove all decorations and Wallpapers. With a spatula, remove the loose plaster, do not be afraid to remove more than necessary. The looseness of the plaster means that the fungus has already destroyed her, the more you remove, the higher your chances of success. Therefore, thoroughly clean the affected area of the wall. Treat the wall with a special solution for removing mold and process must area far exceeding the lesion. Perhaps a healthy-looking segment of the wall already being struck by invisible spores.
Repeat treatment after a few hours, let the wall to dry well. Prepare an antiseptic solution and programsuite them well wall. After the wall dried, you can cover it with plaster and run putty. When processing, try not to miss any affected area. But do not forget about safety precautions. Any remedy for removing mold is, first and foremost, a poison. So try to defend with at least hands and respiratory tract. In the future, close attention is paid to prevention of mould formation, because preventing illness is always easier than curing it.
Simple whitening from the mold will not save