You will need
  • the land on which is located the pond.
Lake, river or pond increases the cost of the cost of real estate near 25% and sometimes 50%. But the water bodies always attract keen interest to environmental organizations. So before you buy a pond cost to think carefully about its benefits and about the many rules that must be followed.
For example, the distance of residential properties to the water in the conservation area may not be closer than 50 meters, and the area of the reservoir is 10 km2 for 10-50 km2 area of the reservoir, the distance shall be 100 meters and it is necessary to observe a distance of over 200 m to a reservoir with an area of over 50 km2. Plus in the conservation area need to take care of the treatment facilities.
In order to buy a pond, you need to buy the land on which it is located. Please note that if the pond is bordered by another land, transferring it in one hand is impossible.
Besides, to draw in private property can now be ponds with an area of 3 000 m2. Land with a pond is the property of the company within the shoreline. Of existing restrictions it is also worth remembering that under the Water Code, to divide the pond is prohibited. Difficulties may arise when the sale of land with a pond, since the pond alienation from the land is impossible, that is, to sell a separate pond without land will not work.
When purchasing a pond at a private property, please note that it does not give you automatic rights to do whatever you like. To prohibit in it to swim and fish, you certainly can, but the preserving the purity of the reservoir you no one is free.
If the pond is bought for the discharge of drainage water, water for watering plants, placement of moorings and the organization of children's rest, its owner will have to also special the decision on granting of water use. When using the reservoir for industrial purposes will need to sign a contract for the water authorities.