You will need
    • Chinese salad:
    • cabbage - 100g;
    • beansprouts - 100 g;
    • carrots - 1 piece;
    • garlic;
    • lemon juice;
    • chicken fillet - 100g.
    • Vinaigrette:
    • beets - 1 piece;
    • potatoes - 1 piece;
    • beansprouts - 100 g;
    • salty mushrooms - 50g;
    • fresh cucumber - 1 piece;
    • onion - 1 piece;
    • green salad;
    • fresh herbs.
    • Spicy salad:
    • potatoes - 1 kg;
    • soy sprouts - 150 g ;
    • pickled cucumber - 1 piece;
    • boiled eggs - 2 PCs;
    • apples - 2 PCs;
    • onions - 2 PCs;
    • vegetable oil;
    • water - 2 glasses;
    • vinegar - 100ml;
    • sugar
    • the pepper and salt.
    • French salad:
    • beansprouts - 100 g;
    • onion - 1 piece;
    • vegetable oil.
Chinese salad will satisfy lovers of spicy food. The bean sprouts thoroughly under running water and place in a container. Finely chop cabbage and carrot. Garlic skip through the press. Products put the bean sprouts and stir. Season with red crushed pepper and drizzle with lemon juice. Take the chicken, salt and pepper. Cut into strips and fry in vegetable oil or butter until tender. Mix with the remaining ingredients of the salad. Season with soy sauce or mayonnaise to taste.
Add some variety to the usual recipe of vinaigrette. Boil until tender beets and potatoes. Cool, peel and dice it. Take the mushrooms, cucumber and onions. Slice and place other vegetables. The bean sprouts thoroughly. Mix all salad ingredients and season with mayonnaise or vegetable oil. Sprinkle with lemon juice or diluted with water citric acid. The dish is put on lettuce leaves and garnish with fresh herbs.
Spicy salad sprouts soybean suitable for a light dinner. Potatoes wash, peel and boil in slightly salted water. Cool and cut circles. Beansprouts oblate boiling water. Prepare the sauce. To the water add vinegar, chopped onion and sugar. Add salt and pepper to taste. Put on fire and bring to a boil. Then pour prepared filling katiel and leave it for a while. Boiled eggs cut into circles. Mix with the prepared potatoes. Cucumber and apples peel and cut into slices. Soy sprouts finely chop. Combine all salad ingredients and season with vegetable oil. Mix thoroughly and garnish with fresh herbs.
French salad - a light diet dish. Soy sprouts are put in a container and cover with cold water. Leave it for a while and drain. Chop the onion half rings and mix with the sprouts. Season the vegetable or olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.