iPod not recognized by computer as a player because of its closed OS and therefore cannot be either "paste" from the PC, but you can only "copy" the files from the memory on the hard disk of your computer. One more thing: even if it could be made, for example, through the operation of jailbreak on the iPod touch, perhaps the music on the player wouldn't have played. All because Apple used music file format AAC, abandoning the familiar MP3. This saves space on the disk of your iPod.
But how then to upload the song on your iPod? To sync music with player need iTunes. It is free, has Russian interface and is downloaded directly from the website of Apple. After installing iTunes, connect your player to the computer. First attached the USB cord to the iPod must be activated in iTunes.
After activation in the left column, you will see connected device – the Apple iPod. Click on it, and in the appeared window, at the top ,click the tab "Music". Ibid., checkboxes, choose from your iTunes library on your computer the music folder or individual tracks that you want to upload to the iPod.
To add music to your iTunes library, select the top menu item "File", and "Add file to library" or "Add folder to library" if you want to add a whole music album.
Once uploaded to the music player is determined, return to the main window of the device and hit the bottom of the screen press "Synchronize". Wait for sync and you will see that all tracks in your iPod.