You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • browser.
Open a browser and enter the url link Make sure that you have reached the Internet through an alternate proxy server, to do this, check your browser settings. You can use practically any known browsers that are installed on the computer. Importantly, the Internet connection is allowed without any problems to test the functionality of the proxy server.
This website is offered tests to check proxy servers for anonymity. Click test1 to test. After a moment's waiting, the page will display information about your host and your connection. At the bottom of the test results will display your IP address. If you have, for example, the provider of the company "Beeline", the IP address when you reconnect to the Internet may vary.
When you click on the test2 button, it will start another test. The program also displays a message indicating that you can change the proxy server every 10 seconds, and then check it on this site — it is a normal situation. Below are displayed the results of the test. To perform a full test, click on the env. There is a table which displays all the main parameters of your computer as a participant in network communications.
In General we can say that check proxy server using a computer is not difficult. It does not require special knowledge, since everything is done in a few easy steps. It is also worth considering the fact that the proxy server can simply "die". Usually proxies are different, so you need to have some skills below in full mode to use all the features of one or another proxy.
Some services also provide various proxy servers that may be needed, for example, to hiding real IP address or surfing the Internet. You can use for these purposes the website