To make a family tree, first you have to collect information at least about three generations of your family. In these three generations come in you yourself, your parents and their parents, i.e. grandparents. To simplify your work, decide which line in the first place (maternal or paternal) you plan to create a family tree. This will allow you not to get lost in the many facts and names.
As the required information collect all available data on the full names of their relatives, dates of their life and marriage, place of birth, life and death. This is basic information based on which you will create your family history. As you may appreciate information about the dates of birth of other children of your ancestors (your cousin and second cousin relatives), work locations, family members, significant biographical facts (moving to a new place of residence, service in the armed forces or in the Navy, personal achievements, etc.).
To collect information in two main ways. First talk to all living relatives, especially the older generation, about their own lives and the lives of those family members about whom they know. Accurately record all information in a single notebook or a large sketchbook.
The second way of obtaining information is the study of documents. If you hold no such important documents about the life of your family as birth certificates and death, about the marriages and registration, do not worry. Please contact the appropriate Registrar's office and you will receive all the necessary information. Remember that information is stored in the district offices of the Registrar at the place of residence of the person.
If you collect information about the family members who have died over the past 70-80 years ago, the Registrar's office of these documents anymore. Contact the district or regional archives and in your personal statement and the presentation of a passport you will be given all the necessary information. To obtain information about the service your relatives in the army or in the Navy you can in the special military archives. But for this you need to know the number of units or units in which your relative served, and the approximate years of service.
After gathering the necessary information, proceed to actually building a family tree. Keep in mind that the genealogical scheme may be ascending, that is, starting from the very last living relative and descending from the earliest known ancestor to the present. Which option to choose decide for yourself. It depends on your preferences and the data you have. Please note that regardless of the graphic form of the genealogical scheme (tree) is always built in the form of successive lines or levels, each of which corresponds to one generation.