The next time you offer to spend the evening together refer to the sudden employment without specifying a particular reason. Listen to the intonations in his voice, whether he regrets.
Then a few hours will call you and inform that the problem has resolved itself and you are ready to meet. He gladly agrees or has already sprung up, preventing the meeting?
Ask for the "climb" in his phone. No offense to the refusal, say "okay". But think is worth it, correct guys, as a rule, everything is clean.
If this evening you have a meeting, call him a few times. Unhappy guy will try to quickly end the conversation, love – will continue, laying aside all business for a few minutes.
Try to disappear for a few days and not to take up. It will persist in calling? First you, then your friends, then parents? Or after several calls will wait for your call?
Unexpectedly come to see him at work (the Institute), saying that it's a surprise. A real man in love immediately with all they will acquaint, he would be proud of and to flaunt. Wrong on several sides of shyly smiled and offered a hurry to go home.
Ask him to put on a headband phone your photo. No comment.
Meet his parents, ask him to introduced you as my girlfriend. Will additional insurance.
Carefully sniff to the smell while kissing. Any girl distinguish a strange flavor, even if the opponent does not use perfume.
If you are already having sex, no harm will accidentally look at his body, unexpected scratches and "love bites".
But your friend he "slip" for verification do not!