Advice 1: How to turn yourself good luck

Luck is a capricious lady. She loves newbies and caresses of the lucky ones. While luck doesn't require an innate gift, and even more genius. Today one, tomorrow – another. Luck is given to each, generously sprinkling a lucky chance before wishing. However, not everyone can spot them.
How to turn yourself good luck
Good things come to purposeful and tenacious personalities. Work is a challenge good luck. It is unlikely that you will achieve luck, sitting on the couch. Of course, from the side it looks like: good luck fell from the sky, and all of a sudden a person is lucky. Even Emelya, a lazy prolieve sides on the stove, one off of her and went fishing, where he caught a magic pike. Don't wait when you get a lucky break. Become a magnet for luck, career, happiness.
Luck attracts positive. Always stand up "with the feet" rejoice in any weather, do not fret because of escaped coffee. Worrying over small things and bad mood, you just pass and not notice good luck. Behave as a true lucky guy, even if there is no special occasion - that you will attract luck.
Compare your desires and possibilities. Be sure to consider what you endowed nature, and call good luck in valid for yourself limits. It is not necessary to dream of a career politician, if you are a skillful artist, but a poor public speaker. But in your field you can reach unprecedented heights. Dreams come true if you have a clear idea what to do.
Luck is like when it is "izbivaut to the bottom". When she turns to face you, take everything from her. Otherwise, the real fortune will turn into a banal lost chance. However, have to pay for everything. And for the luck too. And it is expensive. For the sake of the rapid progress get ready to sacrifice a night of entertainment, a time for family and favorite hobby. For a happy and strong family will have to plunge into life and become a perfect cook and cleaner.
Luck can be confusing and take all the power. It is just tired. Fail to rise to the top and not be tired from a private climbing will come apathy and fatigue, and victory will be perceived as a traditional routine. This is the first signal that it was time to stop, stop to run forward, be happy and enjoy the achievements. And it is not to avoid the situation from "the tale of the fisherman and the fish" when passion and big goals veiled eyes, and finally luck turns away again, leaving only the broken trough.

Advice 2: How to rotate the image

When the need arises to expand the image, you should decide which of the possible software you should use. You can rotate the image in the picture or pictures, you can view the video while watching a movie in the player and you can completely change the orientation of the entire screen and the desktop.
How to rotate the image
To turn the image on the picture, open it with a program to work with pictures. Programs that enable you to deploy the image very much. This including the Windows built-in viewer images, and well-known means of image processing: ACDSee, FastStone Image, IrfanView and many others. If you have used the program IrfanView, open the picture, go to menu “Image” and select the direction of deployment. In addition to standard turns left and right, and reflections across vertical and horizontal, you can ask and own rotation angle. Then you can save the resulting image as a separate file.
In order to rotate the image in the movie during playback, open the file using The KMPlayer player. Press during playback anywhere on the screen, right-click in the opened menu, select "Video (Basic)" and the following list is a "screen Rotation". Next, specify the angle of rotation that you need.
You can also rotate the image using the monitor settings. To do this go to control Panel and open the Settings of the display. Log in to advanced settings by clicking "Advanced" button. Usually the adapter settings that can deploy an image located on the tab containing the name of the manufacturer of the video card installed in your computer. Tab with these settings you need to choose these options, allowing to make turn the picture on the monitor. For example, for Intel Graphics you need to go to the additional menu "Graphic settings" and clicking on the "Parameters" tab, put the appropriate checkbox next to the desired rotation angle of the screen and click "Apply". The image will be rotated.

Advice 3: How to rotate a video

In video processing have to deal with the rollers removed camera rotated ninety degrees. If other parts of which is mounted a film shot in regular mode and vertical orientation of part of the footage is not a special artistic technique, you can transform the videos made by the deployed camera. For this task there are special programs, in addition, almost every video editor has a tool to rotate the image.
How to rotate a video
You will need
  • - the program Free Video Flip and Rotate;
  • - Movie Maker;
  • program VirtualDub;
  • - After Effects;
  • video file.
If all you need to do with a video is to turn the picture the right angle, you can use the program Free Video Flip and Rotate. Upload the file into the program by clicking on the button to the right of "Source file" and select the transformation by pressing the icon with the arrow pointing in the right direction.
Clicking on the button right of "Output file", specify the folder to save the video. The process of saving the video will start after you click "Convert".
Video can be rotated using the program Movie Maker. Upload your video into the program, drag it to the timeline and before cutting it into pieces or apply any other editing, click view video effects. This can be done with the option "video Effects" from the group "Video" of menu "video".
Depending on which way you need to rotate the image, select the effect "Rotate 90 degrees" or "Rotate 270 degrees". As you might guess, the second effect will deploy the image ninety degrees counterclockwise. To apply the transformation, move the icon to the clip lying on the timeline. Even if you divide this clip into segments after applying, each of the parts of the video will be deployed at the desired angle.
The VirtualDub program allows you to rotate videos not only direct, but also at any angle. After loading the video into the editor, apply the Filter option menu Video. To open a list of available filters, click Add.
From the opened list select the Rotate2 filter. In the settings window enter the rotation angle in the field Rotation angle. To preview the result, click on Show preview.
Rotate the picture at any angle can be in the program After Effects. Place the edited file on the Timeline palette, and then expand the list of options by clicking on the arrow to the left of the file name. In the same way, expand the Transform.
Click on the numeric value in the Rotation field and enter the amount of the rotation angle. The result of the transformation can be immediately seen in the Composition palette.
The process of turning images into After Effects to animate. To do this, place the pointer of the current frame to the start of the rotation and click on the icon as a clock in the Rotation field. Move the pointer to the frame in which the process of rotation should be completed and enter the new value of Rotation. If the picture takes place too quickly, move the mouse on the right icon key frame to the right.
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