There is understandable, but at the same time elusive method to attract good luck and money – every day you should go for everything concerning your success, 100%. It is believed that the amount of energy and efforts to achieve goals that are equivalent to the results obtained. It would not necessarily be so that you will become rich and successful in the first day or week of hard work, but all your actions towards the achievement of the result will eventually bear fruit. For example, last week you tried to make a deal with hundreds of potential partners, but they all refused. Or performed all tasks of a leader, but it remained without attention. Do not be upset ahead of time: you will be surprised, but the next week, chances are you'll call several of the people with whom you spoke, and they will be your partners for a long time, and the head unexpectedly, will charge you greater responsibility or higher position.
You have to have a plan of action for achieving the goals for a certain period of time. Without it, you simply will not be able to easily attract good luck and money. Be sure to mark the current results every day or weekly. 3-5 weeks to look back at what you have achieved to this point and you will be surprised of his determination, and it certainly will motivate more hard work.
Think tolerant of your mistakes. Do not think that all of your chosen methods to achieve the goal will be effective. Even assuming error, in any case can not give up and to lower the performance bar. Think of these situations as another step to becoming more advanced, educated and confident person in the business.
Set your own rhythm of life. Over a period of time and special effort you will learn how to achieve their goals, will gain full confidence in themselves and their abilities, but, most importantly, people start to reach for you, to feel you an example to follow. That's when the success and money will find you a Swami in the form of bright events, new meetings, Dating and unique business ideas that you will easily translate into reality.