Sometimes in order to cry, just to recall a sad event from your life, or some sad movie. The tears will go, but the mood will be spoiled.
You can use the classic way is to smell the onion, but the man immediately smell and does not believe your sincerity, so we are not as trivial, but equally reliable methods.
One of the most reliable ways to touch with your finger the cornea of the eye. You should note that tears fell immediately, but with a slight delay, so we need to calculate the time.
You can stretch the muscles of the throat as if yawning, and sing a song like this. Surprisingly, very good.
You can also use a wonderful stage. If you need to cause tears, the actors take the expression, as if crying. At the same facial muscles to "remember" the state of crying, and the man really begins to cry.
If strain eyes, while staring at one spot and not blinking, the conjunctiva dries a bit, and come the tears.
If you are not allergic to citrus, you can squeeze the peel of tangerine or orange to obtain the juice, and splash in the eye with that juice.
If the nail to pinch my nose, it is better for the tip of the nose, so go the tears.
If you have spirits on hand, use them. RUB your fingers and bring these spirits to the eyes, will definitely help.
And last: what would cause artificial tears to some non-medical purpose, it is not necessary to use medications. They are intended only for the treatment of eye and healthy eyes may cause harm. For example, the preparation is "Artificial tears", can cause various allergic reactions or a feeling of bonding century. "