You must first purchase a license disk with this program. If you install a pirated version, then you can be held criminally liable for violation of copyright and related rights. In addition, the "black" version can be malware or a system error.
Then insert the program disc in the disc drive of your computer. The system automatically prompts you to install the office Suite. After checking the availability of free space on the disk, you will receive notification of the introduction of the product serial number. It can be found on the CD-box.
Next, the system prompts you for the installation path of the file, the default will stand to the system folder on one of your hard drives. Once everything is installed, reboot the machine.
When you first use the program, you need to enter personal information surname, name and patronymic. After all the blanks are filled, you can use the Word. For convenience, you can make the necessary settings of the interface.
Another legal way to purchase programs in the online store of Microsoft. Through the electronic map, buy. If the payment has gone through, then you can get the file to download, and moving it to your computer and run by double click.
Next, you will be prompted for the necessary information, namely: the installation on one disk and your contact details. If you are downloading the file from the official site, the introduction of a key is not required.
There is another not-quite-legal way. If you decide to use it, you should understand all possible consequences. With the help of search engines find the installation file of the program and download it to your computer. Then run the installation program, and in a few minutes you will be able to use it.