You will need
  • - construction materials;
  • - drainage pipes;
  • - the pump.
If with the arrival of spring in your country cellar harvested and standing water, before drying, pump out all the excess liquid. This is usually done using a pump which is specially developed and manufactured for small spaces. However, as experts say, it will be just the first step on the way to drying out of the cellar.
Generally, to make your basement dry, it should be considered even when designing the house. If the site you bought with ready-made building, it is necessary to carry out a number of repairs. To do this, dig out the entire Foundation from the outside, then bromalite all the walls. You can install any other waterproofing. Also don't forget about the need to pave around the perimeter of the building special tubes that will collect water. They need to be connected to a special barrel pump for regulating the humidity level.
If your home is on the tape base, you can try to make the cellar dry in the following way. Carefully stukatura the walls inside the cellar (do it best for mounting the grid). The floor should also be fill in with cement mortar to avoid unnecessary gaps. If necessary, pre-use screed. Well, of course, repair work is best carried out at that time of year when the basement is relatively dry. For example, in the summer. And prerequisite: cement choose only waterproof. Let the money will come a little more expensive, but the result will surprise you.
Another option to rid the underground room from excessive moisture looks like. First, raise the floor in the cellar, not necessarily at high altitude. This can be done with boards or concrete. Then all along the walls lay special drains that go into a special well. It needs to be dug within the cellar to a depth of sand. To enhance the effect in the yard arrange exactly the same drain well and also guide pipe (along the house). This method will help you to be dry and the ground around the structure. Once you do drain the system, repair the cellar. To do this, the walls and floor stucture and apply a special waterproof coating. Now your cellar will always stay dry!