To determine the authenticity of gold, you need to inspect the entire surface of the jewelry. It must be completed by the master carefully, exactly perfect. The human eye fastening stones should not be visible. Better than all these indicators, the higher proizvoditeli class. If the product has cracks and gaps, it should alert you immediately.
To check now before you gold or not, you can use the old tool. Drop your ring on a flat surface, preferably on the table. Gold will certainly produce the characteristic ringing. Any other alloys such musicality do not possess. In addition, you can try to toss the ring edge on the tile floor. Real gold will surely jump on the tiles, and any other metal not.
The authenticity of the jewelry you can check by applying on the surface of the drops of iodine. You need to wait three minutes, then wipe this place a soft cloth. If the product is not noticeable imprint of iodine, gold real. You can check the decoration in a similar way, but using vinegar.
Sold in pharmacies spoofy pencil. Purchase it. Moisten the pencil with saliva and gently RUB them on the product. If the gold is tampered with, it will turn black.
One of the easiest ways to identify counterfeited gold is the ability of the magnetization. Real gold is not attracted by a magnet. This means that if your product is easily magnetized, it it the sample is low or there is simplegold.
Also authenticity can be installed, if you RUB the decoration of unfired ceramic tile. Note the remaining traces. Forgery should leave dark prints.