Yes, your dad is no longer with you. But, leaving this world, he didn't want you to suffer. Don't torture yourself with constant reminders that something was done for him, did not say kind words.
Tell yourself what to do for dads all in your power. If you don't find time for pleasant words in his address, it's not the worst. He certainly knew that you loved him. But now it was time to mentally let him go.
To let go does not mean to forget. But taking care of a close person is necessary. Cry, tears ease the soul, to keep the pain of loss dangerous. Imagine that with tears out of sorrow.
To escape, you can and should share their feelings with loved ones, should go on reception to the psychologist. The main thing – not to withdraw into themselves.
In any case do not refuse food, even if no appetite. Try to sleep, if insomnia doesn't let go, take a natural sedative.
Connect with nature, get a kitten or puppy. Our smaller brethren are distracting and comforting. They love us completely unselfishly and not expecting anything in return.
Remember that parents are continued in their children. Sometimes grandchildren are surprisingly similar to their grandparents. Nothing disappears without a trace until humanity alive.
The memory of the loved ones who are no longer with us, helps and supports. When the pain of loss, memories of her father will be your comfort in the sea of life's storms.
Each of us has to accept the fact that the departure of parents is inevitable. This knowledge helps us to live our allotted time bright, not indulging in endless sorrow, which doesn't help cope with grief.
Help those who are heavier. There are people who urgently need care, don't reject them, giving up its heat. And soon the pain of loss subsides, there will be forces to live further.