You will need
  • 1. Tube size 20x20x1.5 number 24 m
  • 2. Pipe size 25х28х1.5 in the amount of 7.5 m
  • 3. Pipe size 15x15x1.5 in an amount of 1.5 m
  • 4. Mounting plate, welding wire, nuts, bolts, amplifiers.
  • 5. Paint.
To complete the bottom perimeter of the trunk and uprights at the corners of the head tube size is 28х25. The upright reinforcing side walls of the trunk run from the pipes 15x15. The rest of the pipe take 20x20. Forming a base pipe of the dimension 20x20, set on edge to give maximum rigidity. And prevaricate them at a distance of not more than 220 mm that you can safely stand on the trunk.
Angled front trunk make the hollow inside and the sides of weld nuts. They are useful for mounting on the trunk of the tent. To enhance the structural strength, these hollow uprights weld amplifiers.
The size of the inner part of the trunk is selected based on the brands UAZand sizes and set up tents. So for a double tent will fit size 1440х1900 mm.
The front part of the trunk install the unit auxiliary lights. The optimum set, which may consist of a chandelier, should include four main lights, two floodlights, loudspeaker and air horn. Before the block additional lights provide mounting of strikers branches.
On the back of the trunk install mounting brackets reversing lights so that the headlights themselves are located between the trunk and roof.
In addition, provide a mounting bracket of the SV-antenna. Wiring must be routed inside the tubes. So be careful about the necessary technological holes and the wire for pulling wires.
In order to securely attach a roof rack without welding, inside the cabin on the ceiling install two plates of 5-mm metal with screw holes. In the roof do the desired number of 9-mm holes. To ensure the density of the inner plate over it with mastic. Between the rear roof pillars and outside lay the plastic strip and pull the bolts with the sealing composition.