Peled is very shy. When fishing, be sure to camouflage in the coastal vegetation in the summer, throwing the nozzle should be away from the shore, and move a meter from one hole in winter, to stand or to sit should be very quiet.
Often this fish finds itself, if the surface of the water begin to appear in small circles, heard bursts — it goes Peled, catches mosquitoes and other insects.
Accordingly, for bait, for Peled in the fly fishing market and float rod used mosquitoes, hammadid, earth and marine worms, meat of molluscs, bloodworms, less maggots in the winter often use a jig. The bait should be cast in the summer away from the shore at 4-5m. in the winter it is better to catch in the shaded hole. Peled goes in the water so the nozzle is normally held at a distance of 1 m from the bottom. When winter fishing, a little closer to spring into the hole suggest sypanut a handful of ice cream gammarus(amphipod) and on top of a couple of handfuls of dry, Peled will pop up and grab food and catch it is not too difficult. The ice around the hole be sure to bury about 2 or more meters. In the winter the bait is lowered into the hole to a depth of 5-6cm to the thickness of the ice.
Peled caught or caught with Gill nets and seines, or fly fishing and float rod without weights. The rod I select is long about 5 meters, the line is suitable 0.2-0.3 mm even with the large fish and the hook 4-5 rooms. Capture nozzle Peled feels like a blow to the fishing line to retrieve large fish may need a lot of patience and fishing line.
Another ingenious method of fishing for whitefish spread on the Volga. This fishing tackle called obrazkom. It is a meter rod, the end of which tie line length of 3 m with two or three leashes. In this case, the jig, no bobber, no sinker. Caught in this way on the course. For this, go into the water and stir the soil with your foot. The resulting muddy track from a distance, notices the fish and rises to it in search of food. Not finding him, she notices the nozzle and swallows it. Experienced fishermen suggest papadoc to keep attached to the leg with the apex at the bottom, and butt in his hands. From time to time the spinner should be let go of, and then to tighten back. Also some time after the beginning of catching it is necessary to climb several steps.
Good luck and great catch.