If you ask your friends to recommend you an interesting group, certainly everyone will call you representatives of different genres and directions. Someone likes jazz, someone will tell you a few names of old bands that played rock, someone you know will try to convince you to folk with a modern twist, and someone sincerely will advise you of the Russian pop group. Therefore, if you decide to ask for good music, friends, better ask those with whom you have similar tastes, and do not be guided by a large audience.
Listen to music charts. Of course, in lists of the best songs can sometimes get mediocre creations, it is unclear for what services chosen by the public. However, there can be found worthy of the composition.
There are many groups that are famous for the fact that twenty or fifty years ago, they played great music. Try listening to Elvis Presley, ABBA and the Beatles. Supporter of each music style can find online groups that have created it a favorite direction in music. To listen to such groups nice and helpful for the overall development.
Option is similar to a survey of friends, but if you want to get more answers, ask a question on the Internet. Again, that response is not to get representatives of styles that you can't tolerate, better to ask on the theme forum or the Facebook group. The participants will not only tell you what they like specific artists, but also to share with you the links where you can download.
Surely you have favorite movies, music of which you sometimes humming to herself, and perhaps she even is standing in your mobile. Directors know that a well – selected music is one of the components of a successful film. So, if you need beautiful music, download the soundtrack to your favorite series, and a pleasant evening is provided to you.