Choose a work, a genre which need to be identified. Listen to it paying attention to the rhythm and style of performance. Folk tunes sound like folk music. Uneven, improvised interactions suggests that your chosen piece of music most likely belongs to the genre of jazz or Blues. The use of choirs or singing a Cappella (singing without musical accompaniment) indicates the kind of spiritual music.
Read in the encyclopedia of music the list of the main genres and their subdivisions. So, under the concept of "European classical music" fit and wedding marches, hymns, operettas, and electronic music includes both house and new age or technodent. Remember every single direction, not as a practitioner or theorist of music, is difficult. Enough to navigate in the General trends. Besides, occasionally the musicians invent new genres, or mix old, giving them original names.
Categorize the music by genre, Recalling the already known artists with a similar style of sound. So, if you are sure that Metallica song fit the concept of "rock", it is logical to assume that in the same genre and play Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath, Nazareth and other groups, which must include guitarists and bass guitarists and the vocalist mainly performs his own songs.
Refer to the help of virtual guides genres of music. On the Internet specialized sites, you can find examples of songs of a certain style orientation, or consult the forums from the experts about a particular song. In the air of many radio stations DJs are explanatory shows where they comment on the identity of a musical work listened to a specific genre.