You will need
  • - formwork;
  • - roofing or roofing material;
  • - metal fittings;
  • - scrap;
  • - shovel;
  • - concrete.
Equip a trench for a new Foundation at the same level, which is the Foundation of a new building. Dig a ditch across the length of the existing, and parts. Otherwise, the soil thins out, which can lead to deformation of the existing concrete base.
Strengthen the old building at the corners of the inclined props, and the old Foundation of the house – fittings. To do this, drill the holes and secure them in a metal product. Lay between the new grounds and be equipped with a roofing material or roofing felt.
If you need to change the depth of the Foundation, arrange the ledges. Their height should not exceed 50 cm the First ledge should be at a distance of one meter or more from an existing Foundation. After that, equip the trench at a depth equal to the existing base.
Let's burn a new pit and clean it from the earth, stones and other impurities. It is necessary to connect the bases at the same level. Prepare the formwork, downed wood boards, whose dimensions correspond to the width and height of the future Foundation of the house.
Install the formwork. Tamp the bottom of the prepared under the base of the trench with gravel and immediately begin to pour concrete. It is recommended to build the Foundation of the two concrete layers. The bottom layer is more plastic, the top is more rigid. Pour the concrete as close as possible, leaving no gaps at the junction of two foundations. In this case, the degree of precipitation will be less.
Allow the concrete to harden thoroughly, then remove the formwork. Before starting to build the walls of the extension, allow the Foundation to stand.