Strengthening of the Foundation.
A method of strengthening of Foundation depends on the type of deformation:
1. The integrity of the Foundation. Cracks appeared in the solution. Solution: the injection of grout in cracks and voids.
2. Rotted beams, which under the Foundation was formed of the void, either on the Foundation increased load (superstructure). In this case, be strengthened by making injections of the same solution under the base of the Foundation.
3. In the case that the planned increase in loading is very significant to strengthen the Foundation should vibrotekhnika piles;
4. In the construction of extensions to the house from vibration and deformation of soil, even the most solid Foundation can lead. In this case, apart from the reinforcement piles to enhance the load-bearing walls with metal bands.
5. A universal method to strengthen the Foundation to expand it. Around the house dig a trench to the depth of the base, cleaned from the earth and construction garbage, the Foundation in a checkerboard pattern at a distance of 20 cm hammered reinforcing bars with section of minimum 16 mm. they construct a reinforcing belt, the formwork and pour the concrete.
The strengthening of the walls.
If the foundations you figured out, it should be strengthen the walls. The main problem that leads to the destruction of the walls in addition to Foundation is the lack of waterproofing. In this case, the walls of the house put mastic based on bitumen. But this method is not reliable enough, as over time the bitumen foliated and disappears. All the waterproofing will have to upgrade again.
A much more reliable method is the coating of walls of hydrophobic materials which repel water from the surface and also firmly engage with the wall, penetrating into it to a depth of 1 cm.
The most expensive but also the most reliable method: impregnation of walls with special waterproofing compounds. They can completely saturate the wall, becoming one with it.
Don't forget to make the withdrawal of groundwater from the walls. For this around the house pulled out a trench that tightly clog with clay.