You will need
  • shovel;
  • measuring devices;
  • the solution for the pouring of the Foundation
To determine the depth to which to dig the foundations of the extension, you need to understand what is the freezing depth of land. For example, if the Foundation of the main house is about a meter, and the ground is frozen to 1.5 m in depth, it is necessary to dig the earth at 1.5 meters. The Foundation for extension recommend be separated from the General Foundation of the house to the settling does not happen any problems.
How to make <strong>Foundation</strong> <b>outbuildings</b>
Also at the device of the Foundationand consider the terrain, in particular what is the terrain in the area, the quality of the soil and the weight of the intended structure. Because if it is wrong to calculate these parameters, the errors can easily lead to deformation of the newly constructed buildings. And besides, it may happen that collapses the wall of the main building.
After all the calculations were made, the earth is dug, you need to start laying the rebar and pouring the actual Foundation. To do this, dissolve a special mixture and pour base. Experts recommend not to do construction during the year to the Foundation already settled as expected and does not interfere with the design.
Another option how to make the annexe fundament - put it on a concrete pad. They can easily form a leak right on the site. Before casting you need to put in forms ready-made piles, their pre-Gulf a protectant. After that, you need to place the piles at a distance of from about 1 to 1.5 meters from each other. Then you need to decide at what height is the floor and cut to the desired size of the pile. Then attach the straps of the future building. And then you can start building, though a few days after the installation of the base.
How to make <strong>Foundation</strong> <b>outbuildings</b>