Remove the rose-colored glasses and get rid of youthful maximalism. Make yourself see the truth and understand that you may not meet man, which would be consistent with the image you currently "namestyle". But this does not mean that you will be left without a husband.
You will have to choose from those who maximally correspond to your imagination of the ideal, and then "bring" the winner of this contest to your standard. It is not necessary to wait for favors from nature. In this sense, a woman can spend painstaking breeding work and literally "grow" a husband, slightly adjust its behavior and appearance.
You agree that neither eye color nor growth do not guarantee family happiness. Therefore, the external signs should not appear in the list of requirements that you present to your future husband. Collect a list of those qualities that should be inherent in him: kindness, honesty, sense of humor, success, commitment. However, each girl's list would be your.
By selecting only the baseline, you will significantly expand the range of possible candidates. After this you should look around and look at the familiar with new eyes singles. It is possible that you may be surprised to find a few suitable candidates from those who you already know and see every day – along study or work.
Perfect for you man should divide your passions. It is therefore logical to look for it in places where you spend your free time. If you are a passionate lover of a healthy lifestyle, you should look to those who are with you going to the gym or the pool, engaged in downhill skiing or orienteering. In the case when you like travelling and Hiking, meet those guys who like Hiking and long trips.