You will need
  • - A memorable name,
  • - "Expressive" phone number
  • - Office furnished with multi-channel telephone and radio.
  • - 4-6 replacement of the Manager in staff
  • - Contracts with the taxi drivers are individual entrepreneurs.
  • Package of constituent documents and gocleanse for the right to transport passengers.
Think of a catchy title. View, call your firm, your predecessors, and invent something new and memorable. If the name of the service taxi will not crash the clients in memory, even if you want to use your services again, it may not be possible. The same applies to telephone numbers of your service – rooms, consisting of one or two repeating digits "taxisty" lay out a round sum.
Hire and equip for his service to the city taxi office, control room. Almost all you need is an organized system of communication. Orders dispatchers will take on the landline, and taxistami to communicate via mobile phone or radio (usually the latter). Phone service taxi must be multi-channel, otherwise everyone who did not reach the customer will get all competitors. On average, the process of carriage of passengers in such firm control 2-3 plug-in Manager, working on salary.
Start searching for drivers with their cars registered as individual entrepreneurs. Such people can work in your firm, whereas companies with a fleet of vehicles, take the drivers cab in a state. You will only conclude with "private traders" maintenance contract, giving them about a quarter of the cost of the order.
Take care of the formal side of things – carriage of passengers as an activity subject to compulsory licensing. To work with taxihundred entrepreneurs, you must have a legal entity status. Having received the license and plan and spend on advertising campaigns.