You will need
  • • the exact address of the recipient of your letter;
  • • a post office;
  • • access to the Internet.
It is easier to find the postal index for those who do not have access to the Internet, in the mail. If your post office does not have access to the Internet, the postal employee will be able to find the index of with special reference.
If you can go on the Internet to find the index easy. Type in a search engine query: "how to find postal index for the address". You immediately become the owner of a dozen links, with which you can easily find the desired index in the address.
For example, Here you need to select the region, then you will see the following list with settlements that are part of the selected region. Next you need from the newly opened list, select the city or district. A list of all the streets and smaller settlements (villages) with indication of the index.
Besides, on the website of the Russian post is exactly the same service with which you can easily find the postal index. It's very simple.
You need to go to the website of "Mail of Russia" ( On the home page there is a section called "Services". It contains two services.
In order to find the postal index, you need to know the details of the post office, which is engaged in the service', where the recipient of your letter. Click on the label "Search post offices" - window opens.
Here you can enter all the components ' in a single row with a drop-down menu. You can enter a known address in the line, located just below, commas and additional information (type, area, or building) to enter. All this in the string are separated by spaces, in this case you enter only the house number.
Once the data is entered, click on the "Find" button, which is located at the bottom of the page. You will get a full address including the index and a phone, you need the post office.