You will need
  • - address of recipient
To find the postal index by belonging to a particular address by applying to any post office of your city. This can be done in two ways: personal visit or call to the post office. Consider the pros and cons of each method.
A visit to the post office. You only need to approach any staff member to email and call the selected address, the postal index which you need to clarify. The advantages of this method include efficiency in the provision of information – almost immediately after you contact your employee email, you will receive the necessary data. If we talk about the cons of a personal appeal to the post office, then it can be attributed to the fact that you will have to defend the place, which is not always moving fast.
A phone call to the post office. Calling the post office to Refine the indexand you should call the city and address of the recipient. The advantages of this method are visible on the face – you don't need to go anywhere, stand in queues also do not have to. However, this method has its drawbacks: it is not always possible to get through the first call, when you call, it's possible that you will have to wait to switch to another specialist or to re-call on the given number.