Prepare the nails for applying varnish. Remove the cuticles, gently file his nails. Remember that after coating, all imperfections and defects of wrong podelki nail will be visible. The shape of the nail should be perfectly smooth. Degrease the nail plate with the help of liquid varnish remover or carefully wipe it with a dry cotton pad.
To make a smooth French on natural nails the first time, without experience and skill, you probably can't, unless you used to draw normal art brush the fine details of the paintings. So please be patient. In addition to varnishes and manicure instruments, prepare corrector nail Polish and liquid Polish remover.
The outer edge of the nail is often called "smile". To draw a smile in several ways. Mark white gel pen line, which will serve as a boundary for the application of white lacquer. If possible, use a special professional brush for applying nail Polish (thin or beveled area). If this is not possible, draw the area normal brush from the bottle. Gently draw a line along the intended contour from one edge of the nail to the other. Fill the remaining free region of the outer edge. Don't be afraid to paint rollers (the skin on the sides of the nail) – so it will be easier to draw the corners of the nails.
If you are sure that you will be able to draw a smile line, better to use the stencil. Paste screen-printed stripes on the nails. Make sure they are firmly attached to the nail plate, to avoid getting nail Polish under them. Paint the outer edge of the nail so that the layers lay down smoothly, without streaks. Wait a bit to nail "grabbed", but not too much thickened. Gently peel off the stencil strip. Stencil convenient when you need to outline and without risk to paint the outer edge of the nail, but often are part of the glue in the form of thin films, which is difficult to remove tools. Sometimes instead of stencil strips easier to use a normal stationery tape – it leaves less residue.
Remove the corrector manicure the excess Polish from the skin around the nail. At the sharp end of a wooden stick, which push back the cuticle, or on a toothpick wrap some cotton wool, soak it in liquid varnish remover. Very carefully erase the remnants of the adhesive film. Adjust the smile line, without disturbing its smooth curves. It is at this stage requires patience, as the work almost jewelry. Q-tip as an alternative for such delicate work is not suitable. Often dampen the wool, but also watch out for that random drop is not washed away already adjusted the line.
When the edge of the nail will be executed properly, cover your nails with clear varnish or lacquer pastel shades for a French manicure. Remove excess Polish from the cuticles and skin around the nails. If you want to cover the nails with another layer of varnish, before applying wait at least a minute so that the varnish is kept longer.