You will need
    • Coffee bean
    • Coffee grinder
    • French press
Fill the kettle with filtered water and put on fire. Always boil the water shortly before the start brewing coffee. The boiling water should cool down a bit before you start the process.
Pour into French press with hot water to warm the glass bulb.
Grind the coffee beans. The grind should be medium or coarse, but not thinner. Try to start brewing one tablespoon five milliliters of water. In the future you will be able to adjust the strength of welding according to your taste.
Drain the water from a coffee press and put on the bottom the required amount of ground coffee. Add hot water from the kettle. Note that the edges of the flask until the water was at least a couple of inches.
Slowly stir in water and coffee with a spoon or wooden stick.
Cover the bulb with the cap with the piston and leave it in the upper part of the press. Let the coffee brew for at least three to five minutes. The longer you brew coffee, the stronger it will be.
Slowly and as evenly as possible push the plunger down. If you apply excessive force or make it sharply, coffee grounds can get into your drink.
Pour the coffee into the Cup, if you let it is a Frenchpress on, it will continue to brew and, in the end, it may become too bitter.
Wash the flask and the filter manually. Do it immediately after drinking your coffee, to remove oils and thick and next time get the same fresh and pure coffee.