You will need
  • Nail file, bath for nails, orange stick of wood, polishing nail file, nail Polish, top coat.
The first thing to do is to determine the shape of the nails. You have to determine the length at which you feel comfortable. To file nails preferably once a week to keep them in good shape. Podpilivaya nails, moving from the edges to the middle.
When the nails are ready, you should pay special attention to the cuticle. Dip your fingers in warm water for a few minutes on average is enough to hold them for 5-10 minutes. It is necessary to soak the skin, this removes cuticles painlessly. Then a stick of orange of three tree roll back the cuticle. Then carefully remove it with tweezers. After this procedure, apply a cuticle cream.
Then Polish your nails with special nail file. Thus you will prepare the nails for Polish application. You must first apply Foundation to nail plate is not yellow. Then apply the basic nail Polish. After the fixative, it is necessary to ensure that the nail Polish lasted longer. Don't forget that the varnish should be applied to dry nails, so it will go smoother.