You will need
    • 1) fresh bacon - 4 kg;
    • 2) rock salt - 1 Cup;
    • 3) water - 1 l;
    • 4) Bay leaves - 6-10 leaflets;
    • 5) black pepper - to taste;
    • 6) garlic - 1 medium head.
Select market or slightly pinkish white fat with a thin soft cloth and a small layer of meat. The thickness of the piece should not be less than 4 cm, 6-7 cm Check on-site softness, sticking a knife or a match under the skin - in a good fat they are easy like butter.
Dissolve in warm boiled water salt if is not soluble - it's okay to merge it in a jar along with the brine. Fat excess salt do not absorb, do not worry, you won't perezaleite.
Cut into fat chunks to make them fit into the neck of the jar. Pour on the bottom of the jar part of spices: a broken Bay leaf, pepper and chopped garlic. Place a layer of bacon, then sprinkle it with spices, and so on until the top (not the). Tightly don't put, to leave the space for the brine.
Pour in a jar of fatm the brine, if the bottom of the left salt - put it in there with a spoon, the liquid should fill the jar to the edge, coating the fat. The specified number of products will be filled with two three-liter banks. Roll up your cans clean metallic lids. You can close nylon for short-term storage, the fat will be ready in three days.
Keep banks fatm in a cool dark place - a cellar or refrigerator up to 6 months. Tender juicy bacon in the brine is great for sandwiches every day and on the holiday table as snacks are not redundant.