Analyze their capabilities and knowledge. Also determine the time and amount of money that you are willing to spend. These factors affects not only the way of earning money, but the sum of the received income.
Earn good money on your own website. With this you can get income from the sale of links and traffic, placing banners or contextual advertising. It's enough to register on the website of the partner company and to the appropriate script. In the future you will receive money for every person that went from your site to these links.
Open the private service for the sale of horoscopes or content. Data way of earning is suitable for those who are versed in such matters. Profit in this case will go through paid SMS that will send users of your website to gain access to certain information. You can also open a fan site with SMS voting.
Do some freelancing. This type of income allows you to profit at the remote work without having to answer to a boss. The most popular in this respect are the work of Photoshop or 3dMax, as well as writing articles.
Find a website where the ads are placed on such work, take the order, arrange his conditions and terms and get rewarded. With this you can set prices for their work. If you do not like to carry out orders, they can sell their work at special exchanges.
Trade the Forex market. To gain access to the foreign exchange market you must choose a brokerage firm that will act as an intermediary and will provide the trading platform for trading. Thus it is necessary to examine the information about currency pairs, trading strategies and methods of analysis. Without the necessary knowledge to trade on the Forex market will turn into a lottery game in which luck is not always on your side.