You will need
  • -spruce branches;
  • -foam;
  • -cellophane;
  • -gloves;
  • cure of mice;
  • potash or phosphate fertilizer.
The issue of preserving climbing roses need to attend to before winter. For starters, do not forget that from the end of the summer not to cut the flowers. This makes roses the maturation of new shoots that before winter do not have time to ripen and die. Unfortunately, their death often entails the loss of the entire hive.
Already with the beginning of autumn start with less water and to fertilize climbing rose. So she will gradually "fall asleep" without experiencing stress at the first frost. Nitrogenous fertilizers and manure cause increased growth, which is harmful to the rose before the rest period.
Before frost, remove any remaining Bush leaves. They need to pick carefully, from top to bottom. All foliage must be removed away from the hive to prevent the spread of fungus and mold. Fresh shoots with young leaves need to be trimmed. This will help the Bush to keep useful plastic substances up to the next season.
So, preliminaries out of the way. For successful hibernation it is necessary to cover the Bush climbing roses. Optimal weather for it - dry and Sunny. Pre-feed plant of phosphate or potash fertilizer, but no nitrogen impurities. And to the wintering rose not subjected to fungal diseases, it can be spray special 3% solution of Bordeaux fluid. If such a solution is no, then in 10 l of water to mix 300 g of soap, and 30 g of copper sulfate.
Self cover as follows: a place where there will be shoots of roses, you need to loosen and cover with spruce branches. All shoots tie with nylon thread and bend down on this place. Secure with sticks or stakes. Prigibanie must be carried out in several phases since shoots can break down and rot. Put some more of the branches of twigs and cover with plastic wrap, plywood or foam, firmly attach the shelter to the ground.