You will need
  • the usual tester and tables to determine the specific resistance of substances.
According to Ohm's law, on the part of the chain the strength of the current depends on two variables. It is directly proportional to the voltage at that location and inversely proportional to its resistance. Total dependence is described by the equation which was derived directly from Ohm's law I=U*S/(ρ*l).
Assemble the electric circuit which includes a source of current, wire and consumer of electricity. As the source DC use a rectifier with adjustable voltage. Connect the circuit to a source after setting it the tester is consistently the consumer that is configured to measure the force of the current. Increasing the EMF of the source current, take readings of the tester with which it can be concluded that by increasing the voltage on the circuit the strength of current in it will increase in proportion.
The second method of increasing the strength of the current - reducing resistance on the circuit. For this special table to determine the resistivity of the site. To do this, please find out in advance what material is made the conductors. To increase the power current, install conductors with smaller resistivity. The smaller this value, the greater the strength of the current in this area.
If there are no other conductors, change the sizes those are available. Increase the area of their cross section parallel them install the same conductors. If the current flows through one strand of wire parallel install several wires. How many times will increase the sectional area of the wire, so many times will increase the current. If possible, shorten the length of the wire used. How many times will reduce the length of conductors, number of times to increase the strength of the current.
Ways of increasing the strength of the current can be combined. For example, if you increase the cross-sectional area in 2 times, decrease the length of conductors in 1.5 times, and the EMF of the source current to increase to 3 times, will gain increasing force of the current you 9 times.