You will need
  • Wet chemistry will need a special, tapered bobbin,waterproof cover, comb with frequent teeth, composition for perming, fixing tool, bowl (porcelain is better, in any case not metal), sponge, measuring cylinder, protective gloves, three towels, a warming cap, cream, vinegar 6, or 9 percent.
First of all, make sure the structure of your hair and length are suitable for this type of a Perm. Wet chemistry is more suitable for the long hair. Before Curling the hair it is better not to paint, but also to treat. Then pick up this remedy for perms, which is specifically designed for your hair, dry, oily or normal, and test for allergenicity. Apply a small amount on your wrist, wait ten minutes. If the skin is red – it is better to choose a different tool.
Before Curling wash your hair twice. The secret: use soap, it loosens the hair structure and makes them more receptive to the composition.
Damp hair and divide it into strands by the width of the bobbin and wind on their hair, curled, in turn, on its axis. Attention! The vertical chemistry of the wound hair from the roots, not the tips!
Lubricate the skin at the hairline cream and tie a twisted towel. Then put on a Cape and gloves.
Using the instructions, prepare the composition in a bowl, and quickly with a sponge, apply on hair a blotting movements. After you cover your head with a tape, and then insulated the hood. The exposure time of the composition depends on your hair. Therefore, do not break the user manual to avoid overheating.
Once seasoned the allotted time, without removing the bobbin, wash the part with warm water, lather and apply the retainer clean sponge. Soak for 7-10 minutes, then carefully remove the rod and leave the hair for another 5 minutes to "rest".
Rinse the hair and rinse them with a solution of vinegar. Then apply a strengthening conditioner and dry your hair without a Hairdryer. Head try not to wash 3 days. Wet chemistry is ready!