You will need
  • - application to the water utility;
  • - project documentation;
  • - plastic pipes;
  • pumping station or sump pump;
  • - insulation materials.
To sum up the Central water supplyand contact water utility in your area, write a statement about the desire to connect to the Central highway.
If the way to your home from the main supply are not other communications, you will be allowed to spend in your home water.
All connections and joining can be carried out by specialists of the water utility. Connect on your own is strictly prohibited.
First you will prepare design documentation and in accordance with the project will hold water.
If in your area there is no Central water supply, drill artesian wells. Plugging in the pumping station, to use water as the Central water supply.
Invite specialists in drilling of wells. They produce professional work and install the pipe.
You will only need to buy a vacuum pump station and install it in accordance with the installation instructions.
The last way to have a home water is to draw it from the well. To do this, buy polymer water supplying pipe.
Dig a trench from the house to the well. Lay the pipes and insulate them with insulation materials.
Unfortunately, the well cannot be installed a pumping station, and you can omit only the special sump pump. For pumping water it will need to constantly be run manually, that is, to turn on and fill the water tank.